5 simple tips to increase motivation

5 simple tips to increase motivation


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Researchers have discovered some quick ways to get you more focused and motivated at what you do so that you can work smarter, not harder.Here are 5 simple tips to increase your motivation:

  1. Smile and strike a high-power pose: Your body language is important because it gives signals to your brain, and therefore to your emotions. If you have a sad face, most likely you will feel sad. If you smile, it will help you feel a lot better.
  1. Go to a place to see nature: Experts have found that the color green inspires creativity. Also, there is nothing more refreshing than fresh natural air.
  1. Eliminate negative thoughts: Stop being so hard on yourself. Try substituting negative thoughts about yourself, and start appreciating the things you are doing right.
  1. Eat something healthy: When we eat healthy food, our body fills with nutrients that react in your overall mood. The healthier we eat, the better our mood.
  1. Set goals and create incentives: set small achievable goals and what reward you will get once you complete them. It is important to stop and appreciate your accomplishments.

Staying motivated helps you with your overall health. It also aid to accomplish your goals and live a happier life!

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more healthy living blogs.

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