5 Ways to Rest Better

5 Ways to Rest Better

Tired woman next to a laptop and papers


The pace of life that is led today is causing many people to end up with sleep disorders. In addition to, daily routines, the use of the computer, mobile or tablet before sleeping, is doing a lot of damage to your health without realizing it.

The digital age is affecting more and more people who have made it a habit! Not knowing that the light on the screen affects the production of melatonin (altering the circadian rhythms and delaying the onset of sleep).

Many times, it is not given enough importance to sleep, but sleeping well is as important as having a good diet. A bad rest has negative consequences on the body and the brain, in addition to favoring the development of diseases.

Although the manufacturers of these electronic equipment make increasingly sophisticated models. Both white light and blue light have a stimulating effect on our brain and are the reason for many times without devices to fall asleep. This includes white LED light and fluorescent lights. Experts recommend turning off all of these appliances two hours before bed.

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