Grab your bestie, your lover, your friend because these are the workouts for Valentine's Day. Forget the candy and the typical flowers, this is the bouquet of workouts you want to follow.




Grab your partner and begin with stretching to help both of you rule this gym session.


Hamstring stretches

While your partner lies face up on a mat. with left leg bent at the knee, foot on the floor; right leg extended straight towards the ceiling. 

Your job? Stand in front of your partner, Holding the extended leg and gently pushing forward to increase the stretch. Hold for 10 seconds, release and repeat this time for 20 seconds. You will notice less resistance and more depth in your strength. 


Repeat with the other leg; and then switch positions with your partner.


Buddy Back Stretch

With your buddy stand back-to-back and interlock your arms. Bend your knees while taking your partner's weight unto the back as you bend forward hold for 6 to 12 counts once your partner's lifted off the floor then switch with your partner for them to do the same




Let’s work out your core, shoulders, chest and triceps with just one exercise.

High Five Push-Ups

This is the best exercise to tackle all aspects of the upper body. Begin with a push up position head-to-head with your workout partner.  Both should lower into a push up and rise at the same time. At the top of each rep, raise your right arm and give each other a sideways high five.  Repeat the push up and high five with the right arm.

Repeat and continue to alternate for 40 seconds. X 3 set

Medicine Ball Twist Pass

The twisting movement of the ball pass works out the obliques and abs.

With your partner and you standing back-to-back, placing your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart.  Slightly bending your knees, hold the medicine ball with both hands.  Both you and your partner should exchange the ball twisting to the opposite side.  Continue to pass the ball in the same direction for 20 seconds.

Repeat on the other side x 3 sets.



Now let’s hit the glutes, hamstrings and legs.

Squad With Knee Drive and Twist

Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hands placed lightly behind your head with your elbows flared. Push your hips back and bend your knees to lower into a squat, then as you rise, lift one knee up to hip height and twist your upper body to bring your opposite elbow toward your knee. Repeat this with your partner 20 times, switch sides and stay coordinated to keep each other motivated.

Repeat each side 3 times.

Back-to-Back Squat with an overhead pullover

Grab your partner and weights, this could be a dumbbell or a medicine ball.  Put your backs together, squat, and pass that weight back and forth over your heads. You'll feel the burn in your abs and legs fast and tone those muscles quickly. Use a weight that is challenging but controllable.

Repeat this with your partner for 15 reps and 3x sets


This day of love, grab your lover, partner or friend and try this full body workout. You will sweat, you will laugh and you will make your partner feel great.



Love, Ay Bendito


Written by Yuli Angulo - Health & fitness coach 

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