How to prevent and treat muscle cramps

How to prevent and treat muscle cramps
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A muscle cramp always feels like a surprise. The involuntary contraction strikes without warning. “When it suddenly strikes, don’t exercise or tighten the muscle. Just gently stretch it to your tolerance. That helps to relax the muscles and relieve the uncontrolled contraction,” says physical therapist Madhuri Kale. (Harvard)

What causes cramps? Exercising without properly warming up the muscles can lead to cramps. Cramps also occur when a muscle is not able to relax properly. Dehydration can worsen both of these problems.

Relief for cramps Learn some stretches that provide rapid relief when cramps come. Sit up in bed, loop the blanket around your foot, and gently pull your toes towards you while you keep the knee straight. Then, use AY BENDITO! Use the roll on massaging the contracted area, sit down, relax, and let it work.

Tips to prevent cramps: Stay hydrated throughout the day. And eat foods rich in magnesium (especially leafy greens) and potassium (bananas, black beans).

Cramps are extremely painful, but they’re not a sign of serious illness. Stretch the muscles and resume your activity once the cramp goes away.

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