Outdoor Cardio for the Summer

Outdoor Cardio for the Summer
Summer is fast approaching and it is time to head outside and begin your workout routine with nature. Our lives have been changed by covid-19. We were limited with exercises because gyms were closed, running outside was at best skeptical. But now things are starting to get back to normal and we don't want to be cooked up inside anymore. So what do we do when the gym is not a place you want to be stuck in all the time but still want to get your fitness routine down? Let's talk nature.
There are a couple things we can do out in nature that can help us with our fitness. The best part about this we don't get to stay inside all the time anymore. And if you are skeptical about being close to people still, these outdoor activities can ease your anxiety.
Hiking is an amazing cardio workout. It doesn't only give you a close connection with nature but it also is something that you can do at your own pace in your own time while enjoying the scenery. For beginners I think it's easy if you go in a 2 mile hike somewhere beautiful and gorgeous with it minimal rough terrain. Nothing that can stress your joints or back. Hiking is easy and simple and peaceful. And at the same time you get an amazing cardio you help your heart and your body connect with nature. Although I could take an entire day if you pick the right spots to end your destination it could be the best activity you do every weekend.
Running outdoors it is a giving for an outdoor activity. Some people love to run miles at a time and have an amazing alone time while feeling the breeze in your face, having your earphones and listening to the best running music. Running is a great cardio exercise. It speeds up your heart rate which leads you to lose more weight. While it can stress your joints taking the right supplement will help you. The time of day of running is your preference. Many people prefer running early in the morning where the streets are clear and the weather is a little cooler so you're not overheating your body. Make sure when you run you pick a trail that is safe and your speed, don't overdo it on your first couple of running sessions. Start with one mile and work your way up. Always remember to pick great motivated music.
There's some benefits to outdoor biking. 
 Biking can decrease body fat levels, increase muscle strength and flexibility as well as improve posture and coordination. If you do make the investment for a bike make sure you do your research and get the bike the benefits your needs. If you're looking for a road bike make sure you get something that is lighter easier to carry up a hill and has a good manufacturing brand. Bikes are expensive so make sure to do your research before making a big purchase.  
Outdoor Yoga
Lets finish off with flexibility.  Outdoor yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and give your joints mobility.  Doing yoga outdoor in a peaceful environment can also help you with meditation.
Remember, with all these activities to listen to your body and give it the rest it deserves.   

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