Growing glutes workout!

Growing glutes workout!

We all want it,  firm more rounder glutes with out the expensive surgery. It can be hard to obtain and easy to loose if you do. There are a couple exercises that can help you, but get ready these are not for the weak.


Let's begin with some cardio. Warming up the glutes is very important. It's prepares your muscle for that intense workout that you are about to do. So before you begin any exercise we have to begin with a good cardio that will prep your muscles, in this case legs and glutes.
The StairMaster gives you that option.
The StairMaster targets glutes and hamstrings. The best way activate your muscles is by Switching up your tempo with one minute intervals of fast and slow as well as skipping a step. Making sure that you are maintaining posture so you don't put any strain on your spine. Make sure that while using the StairMaster you don't hold on to the machine, gripping the sides of the machine will not give you the intensified workout that it should. The StairMaster not only can Target your glutes but also your core. I find it the best way to straighten your core by using the StairMaster is by raising your arms while doing the one minute intervals. This will threaten your core and work your abdominal muscles.
Finally another best way to take advantage of the StairMaster is by adding weights. Just grab a pair of dumbbells, implementing bicep curls with overhead presses or side raises can increase your heart rate and intensify your workout.  Don't forget to breathe

If you ever tried a group fridge and you felt the burn imagine what this would be like if you raised the top half of your body to be parallel with the floor. Having your feet shoulder width apart in a 90° angle. Start with a resistance band and go a slow as you can without touching your knees together. Incorporating an increasing weights as well as the flexibility on the resistance band can increase the intensity of this workout.  This exercise is the easiest way to feel the burn. Hip thrust can increase your strength and speed and most importantly of course grow your glutes. Repeat this 15 times with 3x sets




Romanian deadlifts or RDLS work your hamstring muscles as well as you lower back.
Begin with weights there are appropriate for you. Remember this also works out your lower back and you do not want to injure it. Stand next to the barbell with your hands and feet shoulder width apart.  Move your hips backwards, bend from the waist and lift.  Lower the barbell to the floor ensure that you keep your back straight. Repeat this movement 15  times with x 3 sets. Rest before you begin your next workout.


This this exercise it's harder and without proper form your could lead to serious injury. To do a proper back squat, load the barbell to the appropriate weight. Remembering that weight should increase over time. With the barbell in between your neck and back resting on your shoulders, your legs shoulder width apart and feet pointed outwards. Simply squat down bending at the knees and hips, keeping your back straight. Slowly coming up from your squat and squeezing your glutes. Again do 15 resp x 3 sets.

The most important tip we can give you is STAY ON TOP OF YOUR NUTRITION. No matter how many times your workout your glutes, or how heavy your lift, you glutes will never grow unless you give your body the proper nutrition. Remember that food is fuel.

By Yuli Angulo - Nutritionist and health coach

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