How exercising can benefit your Mental health

How exercising can benefit your Mental health

Exercise creates a lot of physical benefits. But we don't talk about how exercise can also benefit our mental health.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can take a toll in our bodies and our minds. Although there are many ways to help you overcome, I find exercise to be the best outlet for my mental health.


Exercise is a mood booster and it can help mild to moderate depression, it is by far the most natural anti depressant.  It not only gives your brain endorphins that gives your brain the feeling of euphoria, it can also promote calmness and relaxation while doing a workout. Most importantly, exercise allows you to find some quiet time to break out of the chaos of life.  The cycle of negative thoughts that constantly feeds a depressive mind and body.


While life keeps moving forward i often find it difficult to remain calm. Stress has become a normal part of life. We worry about bills and our lifestyle that we tend to let our mind and body become the last thing to take care of.
Exercise has helped when things i can't control become overwhelming. It helps me create a safe safe without negative thoughts. My body follows a routine that can easily become priority for an hour or two.  The more i focus my mind into a session of workout the more my body releases tension, I get less headaches less back pain. For 2 hours a day or maybe just 1 hour I don't have to worry about the world and it's chaos.


I think we all know how anxiety feels. The feeling of teetering on the edge of Insanity. We cannot control people's behavior people's thoughts to anxiety takes presidents in our lives. The best way I find that exercise can help relieve my anxiety. It lowers heart rate and increases your ability to stay calm as well as helps your brain keep organized thoughts.

Regular exercise doesn't have to be about gaining muscle or losing weight. It can help your mental health extremely there are many things that you can take to help with anxiety and depression and stress but naturally regular workouts has helped many people keep track of their mental health.

The best way to start this is by admitting to yourself that you cannot control the world. And for an hour or two you can quiet your mind and only worry about the next rep, the next workout. So, start running or begin your routine anything to keep your mind steady and calm.


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