Having the right workout is important. Knowing what workouts to plan to give your body the right distribution of endurance and strength. We all heard the “it’s leg day” phrase but have we ever thought about Rest Day. Yes, that is something our body needs and when giving the opportunity many of us do not take it. It might be because we are so hyper focused on getting our body the way we want that we do not understand how muscles and joints take so much pressure forms constant workout.


 It is important for your muscles to rest and allow worth and healing. There are a couple of activities that will help you restore what you have lost during workouts.  The best way to increase muscle growth is to make sure. 


When you workout you damage the muscles fibers that make natural protein.  Consuming protein after an intense working out can not only increase muscle growth but also help with muscle recovery as well as energy if taken as Pre-workout. Consuming protein pre-workout can increase the process in which the cells in your body make proteins.   Consuming 20 to 40 grams a day is enough to maximize muscle growth and consuming about 1.2 grams of carbohydrate to increase energy before and after a workout.  Protein powder and protein bars are an efficient way to add more protein to your diet.  However, making sure that the protein powder contains enough amino acids without an excessive amount of sugar. 


Along with protein powders, there are several other supplements that you can intake that will allow muscle grown as well as muscle recovery.  Creatine is a supplement meant to increase intensity to your workout routine.  It is a supplement that has been highly studied for athletes with high intensity training.  Creatine It will increase muscle growth, speed muscle recovery period and will also help reduce injury from excessive training.

Another supplement that helps your muscles with growth and recovery is collagen.  Your body naturally makes collagen, and it allows you bones to recover and strengthen.  Consuming collagen can have an abundance of benefits one of them being relieving joint and muscle pain.  It can also maintain the integrity of cartilage that gets damage over time. as well as improving skin, hair, and nail health.


Staying hydrated can restore your muscles ability to repair themselves.  Consuming about 16 to 24 oz of fluid, and sometimes more when exercising in a hot or humid environment can help not only with muscle growth but weight loss as well.  Staying hydrated can also reduce inflammation, muscle soreness and muscle damage that excessive exercise can do to your body.


The volume and intensity of workouts are also factors that lead to muscle inflammation or damage. Determining how extreme or low intensity your body needs is a key to having a much successful workout. Many of us think that if you go for longer, heavier weights or even higher reps can intensify muscle growth. However, that can damage your muscles more to the point where they do not grow at all. It takes your muscles 24 hours to recover, that is dependent on the intensity of your workout of course. During workouts you create damage to your muscle and ligaments and during your recovery period those targeted muscles rest giving them the appropriate time to recover. To ensure that you do give enough recovery time as well as keep up with your workout regimen. You can alternate specific muscles to a specific day. For example; on Mondays leg day, Tuesdays arm day etc.. making sure that you evenly distribute muscle tone throughout your body.


One of the most important things to do when growing your muscles is actually taking a day or two to rest. Don’t get too caught up in losing weight or gaining muscle. Taking a day to rest won’t interrupt your routine. The best thing to do is take the day to meditate or stretch your muscles, joints and ligaments to get your body to adjust. Remember to always take care of your body first.

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