We all get to the point where exercise is difficult for your bones and muscles.  We ache too much; we are too tired, or we simply do not see the point.  We have parents that do or think this, or we are simply in that age.  There is nothing wrong with it we all get there eventually.  However, there is no need to give up our daily workout routines.  We simply need to adjust it and modify it to fit out bodies.


Bellow we will show you modify workouts that is fit your body.


Water aerobic is a very popular specially for people that suffer from arthritis and joint pain, not only among senior but people of all ages.  it is a modified way of applying resistance training without over strenuous workout that can lead to joint pain.  There are a few aerobics workout to try.


Jogging while submerged in water is alternative way to get your cardio workout in with out the subsequent pain.  It easy on the joints as well as the spine.


Weight training in aerobics can be less intimidating.  The water acts like a spotter helping you lift the weights with more control.  This help release tension in joints and muscle.


Swimming is the most effective low impact cardio that can be done. Swimming is a great alternative for cardio, working out every muscle in your body practically effortlessly. Not only is swimming great for people that suffer from back pain and joint pain but it can burn up to 917 calories per hour. 

Low impact workouts can be more effective.  You don't' have to be a body builder to be healthy or to look better.  You have to give your body the work it needs with out the pressure of heavy machines and routines that don't benefit your age or body type.  Don't let age or a medical condition stop you.  You have the power to become healthier an stronger. Becoming a healthier you is easy if you only give it a try. 

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